Chef Solus' website
I'm speechless when it comes to describing this resource! It's an award winning website that contains a treasure trove of information, printables and games for kids, teachers and parents. One of the amazing features of this website is a food label reader which provides detailed information about each of the sections of a food label. This is great for kids who are just starting to learn how to read nutrition labels. There are many recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, all healthy of course! On the webpage of each nutrition game is a timely reminder to take a physical activity break after 20 minutes of computer time. I'm amazed that they thought of even this minor detail! This is a perfect tool for teachers or parents to explore with their children.

It's my life website from PBSKids

This is an awesome website that addresses every aspect of kids' lives: friends, family, body, emotions, money and school. Each of these sections has a variety of informative articles, games and videos. Topics covered range from substance abuse to gossip and rumours. I would definitely recommend that my students either explore this website on their own time or visit this website if they're done their work early.

BAM! website
This is another website that addresses every issue that's important to kids. Diseases, fitness, healthy eating and feelings are all covered on this site. There are many cool interactive games and multimedia features that kids will enjoy. If your student has a question about peer pressure, personal fitness or the immune system, this is the place to visit!

Kids'Health site by Nemours
I am incredibly impressed with this website as it leaves no stone unturned. It is a treasure chest of information about every imagnable health related topic that's relevant to kids today. There are great games, movies about how the different body systems work and fun experiments to try out. Also included on this website is a child-friendly dictionary of medical terms, something kids will find very helpful after a trip to the doctor's! One example of how I would use this site in the classroom is to divide the students into groups and to assign each group a topic to research on this website. The students can then create a PowerPoint presentation to let their classmates know what they found.

About Kids' Health
This site is maintained by the Sick Kids' Hospital in Toronto, so the information is trustworthy. There is a lot of information about different conditions such as epilepsy, asthma etc. This information is written in kid-friendly language and is easily readable. There are also lots of videos that kids can watch about different conditions as well as quizzes about different topics such as hand washing, diabetes etc. Overall, a very informative website for kids!