This is a great site for in depth information about just about any topic in science. This site covers everything from the smallest organism to how the weather works. All of the information covered in the Grade 5 Science curriculum can be found here. A good use for this website in education is for kids to use the information on the site to write research papers or do group presentations on a particular science related topic.

Science Kids
This site contains fun games, experiments, science fair project ideas and lots of educational videos. It is a Science Teacher's paradise! There are so many features on this website that your students will enjoy!Pay it a visit!

Weather Wiz Kids

This is by far the most comprehensive weather related website for kids that I know of. It was created by a meteorologist and so the information in fairly accurate. Every weather phenomenon under the sun is covered on this website. Each weather phenomenon has a detailed yet kid-friendly explanation that is accompanied by interesting visuals. Apart from information about earthquakes and other natural disasters, weather experiments, games and jokes are also included on this remarkable site.

You will notice that this site is featured several times in this blog and there's a reason for this-IT IS SUCH A GOOD RESOURCE! This site is very visually appealing, something kids will love and it contains a plethora of interactive games and informative articles. This resource is more applicable to Life Science than to Physical or Earth and Space Science. Biology topics that are covered are diseases and how our bodies fight them, puberty and the changes it brings and the mystery of genetics that makes us who we are. Enjoy!