Outcome USC5.1 Analyze personal eating practices
Pyramid Power vs. Junk Food Bandits Animated Video Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

These are fun animated videos that pit the healthy food groups from the food pyramid against junk food groups in an epic basketball match. The animation is very well done and the commentary and dialogue are hilarious! This is a great way to show that healthy food will always trounce junk food!

Canada's Food Guide
This is the primary resource that students should consult when making healthy meal decisions. It introduces the main food groups and also lists the number of daily recommended servings of each food group. Students should become really familiar with this resource so that they can get the most out of it. At this web address, it is possible to download and print a pdf copy of the Food Guide or to place an order for the hard copy version.

Canada's Food Guide for First Nations, Inuit and Metis

This is a great way for kids to look at the differences between the Canada's Food Guide and the one that is specifically tailored for the Aboriginal people of Canada. Students will notice that some indigenous foods such as bannock and wild game are mentioned.

Sesame Street Healthy Foods song

This is one of those songs that you can't get out of your brain, which is a very good thing because it has such a great message! In it, the Cookie Monster (irony of ironies!) is singing about the benefits of eating a balanced diet. He encourages kids to eat foods from each of the main food groups. This is a great way for kids to remember not to fill their plates up with only cookies!

Outcome USC5.2 Understand the responsibilities associated with the physical, social, spiritual, and emotional changes of puberty.
All about Puberty from Kids'Health by Nemours

This is a wonderful kid friendly site which has all the information that a young person may want to know about puberty. It was written by a medical doctor so the information is reliable and medically sound. Various topics such as changes in boys vs. girls, growth spurts, personal hygeine and menstruation in girls are covered. This article is also the launch pad for several more specific topics such as Adam's Apples, feeling too tall or short or sweat.
Body Smartz

This is a section of the BAM! (Body And Mind) website that was created by the Centre for Disease Control in the States. It has some FAQs about puberty and also examines topics such as acne and the different changes in boys and girls. It also stresses that pre-teens shouldn't worry about the rate at which their bodies are changing as this is determined by genetics. It also emphasizes the point that puberty basically happens to prepare us to become adults. There is also a quiz that will allow students to test their understanding of the information that was presented.

Outcome USC5.3 Analyze how infectious diseases (including HIV and Hepatitis C) and non-infectious illnesses/diseases challenge holistic well-being
Everyday Illnesses and Injuries

This is a web page that is a part of the Kids' Health website that was created by Nemours. It contains a long list of diseases and injuries and provides detailed information about each of them. Examples of diseases covered on this list are pneumonia, pink eye and stomach flu, just to name a few.This site would be perect for a research project about a particular disease as the information is not redundant and a good amount of detail is provided.

BAM! Diseases web page
This website is a great resource for kids and teachers on the immune system and its functions. The white blood cells that protect our bodies against infections and diseases are portrayed as super heroes (The Immune Platoon) who each have different powers with which they knock out the bad guys or the antigens. It also covers what a vaccine is and mentions that a vaccine has weakened antigens which are no match for the Immune Platoon when it is in its training stage. Students are also given the chance to learn about different "disease detectives" at the Centre for Disease Control who track different illnesses such as SARS. This will expose them to different research careers which may be something that some students never considered before.

Information about different diseases (including HIV and Hepatitis C)

This is a set of articles that is part of the Kids' Health site by Nemours. There are many different diseases listed on this web page, and they are categorized according to the body system that they affect. Under the category of "Infections", information about both HIV and Hepatitis C is presented. This information is written in easy to understand language that kids are sure to enjoy reading. This site would serve as a great basis for a research assignment or a group presentation about different diseases.

Outcome USC5.4 Analyze the connections between personal identity and personal well-being, and establish strategies to develop and support a positive self-image.
Body Image and Self-Esteem article from KidsHealth from Nemours

This is an awesome article! It discusses the causes of low self esteem such as a changing physical appearance due to puberty and mean racial comments from peers. The influence of images of perfect, too thin women and bulked up men on students' self esteem is also covered. The article recommends that children silence any negative self talk by paying themselves three compliments everyday. It also advises children to seek help from qualified professionals if they cannot shake off feelings of low self esteem.
FOX Kids Commercial about self-image
This is a short but really sweet commercial that seeks to teach children that it is better if they just are themselves when they are trying to be accepted by their peers. The video features a young boy who is anxious to impress the girl who has just moved next door. He imagines being different people such as football player, an adventurer and a mob boss, only to have each of these plans turn out badly. He finally decides to just be himself and he is delighted to find that the girl likes him just for who he is. It was aired in the 1990s, so it is a bit dated, but has a great message nonetheless!

YouTube video about body image

This is a video that is aimed specifically at girls. The video begins by citing an alarming statistic. This is that 92% of girls in the U.S. dislike something about their appearance. The video then goes on to demonstrate the power of positive self talk on elevating a girl's body image and self esteem. In the video, these positive messages are taped to a mirror. This is a great way to practically improve one's self esteem.
Prejudice article by Kids' Help Phone

This is a great article about prejudice, the forms it takes and how to confront it. It talks about practical steps that kids can take to combat prejudice such as refusing to laugh at racist comments or jokes and refusing to watch movies or listen to music that is discriminatory in nature. Some of the forms of prejudice that are covered in theis article are racism, ableism and classism. This could definitely used as the basis for an essay about prejudice.