Outcome WE5.1 Measure and represent local weather, including temperature, wind speed and direction, amount of sunlight, precipitation, relative humidity, and cloud cover.
School House Rock Weather Song

This is a great song about weather by School House Rock. In it, weather is depicted as a show with many different performers. It covers a variety of topics such as the formation of high and low pressure areas as well as what determines the local weather in an area. It's sure to be a hit with the kids!

Types of clouds YouTube video

This is a YouTube video that was created by a teacher for his/her students (perfect right?). It provides a detailed explanation of the three different kinds of clouds-stratus, cirrus and cumulus. It then shows pictures that allow the children to identify the type of cloud formation that is featured. All in all, a good video to introduce different cloud formations to students as it provides examples as well as a chance for the students to test their knowledge.

Information about Weather Instruments

This webpage has a lot of kid friendly information about the different instruments that are used to monitor the weather. Some instruments that are mentioned are the thermometer, barometer and anemometer. There is a short, succinct blurb about each of these instruments and this blurb is followed by a picture of the instrument. Kids are sure to find this site very informative. Additionally,this is a great resource to base a quiz on.

Outcome WE5.2 Investigate local, national, and global weather conditions, including the role of air movement and solar energy transfer.
Weather Wiz Kids website
This is a great website that was created by a meteorologist for the express purpose of educating and informing kids about the weather. It contains several pages about different seather phenomena such as earthquakes, tornadoes etc. It is particularly important that kids learn about these severe weather phenomena because they are becoming more frequent nowadays. Information about other aspects of the weather such as weather forecasting are also included. Interactive games and jokes are some of the other cool features of this website.

Ozzy Ozone YouTube video

This is an excellent video about the ozone layer, its functions and its gradual depletion due to Chloro Fluoro Carbons (CFCs). The video is animated and is seen through the eyes of Alberta the Albatross and Ozzy, an ozone molecule. It was produced by the Government of Barbados to promote awareness among kids about the depletion of the ozone layer and what they can do practically to prevent this. It is a fun video that explains the process of ozone depletion very thoroughly. By the end of this video, your kids will be more informed about this topic than most adults!

NASA's Climate Kids website

This is an amazing website that is filled with lots of kid-friendly information and interactive games. Weather topics which are of current concern to scientists such as global warming, the greenhouse effect and climate change are covered. Each of these information pages is filled with cool illustrations. There are also funny videos that teach important concepts such as the role of phytoplankton in producing 50% of the earth's oxygen.Furthermore, because it is created by NASA, the information on this site can be considered to be accurate and reliable.

Outcome WE5.3 Analyze the impact of weather on society and the environment, including technologies that help humans adddress weather conditions.
NOAA Education Website

This is a great resource for students who want a more in depth look at different weather phenomena, weather forecasting and careers in meteorology. There is a really fun weather forecast simulation in which the student pretends to be a meteorologist who has to make quick decisions about what to do in cases of severe weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes. All in all, this is a wonderful site full of accurate information about a variety of weather related topics.

How Stuff Works article about animals predicting weather

This is a great article about whether some animals can truly foretell the weather. The article is very thorough and presents a lot of information on the many ways in which some animals' senses are more advanced than our own. It also mentions that while animals may not have an ESP like ability to predict the weather, they are more likely to act on weather information that they receive through their senses than humans are. At the end of the article, there is a cheat sheet with all the key facts from the article. There are also quizzes to test the students' knowledge as well as photo galleries of storms, lightning and pets.

Make your own weather station website
This is a website that was created by the Miami Museum of Science. It details the conditions that are needed for a hurricane to happen and then lists the instruments that are used to measure these conditions. This is followed by instructions on how to make these weather instruments.The instructions are easy to follow and the instruments are made with easily obtainable materials. The kids are sure to have a lot of fun being amateur meteorologists!