Outcome HB5.1 Analyze personal and societal requirements for, and the impact of, maintaining a healthy human body.
Your Skin by Kid's Health
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I believe that this article is a great resource for kids as it covers everything that they need to know about skin. The topics covered range from the different layers of skin to how to keep skin clean. It is written in kid friendly language and is supplemented by lots of great images. I can definitely see myself using this as an article that kids could read and then take a quiz on.

Diseases by BAM! Body And Mind
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This website is a wonderful resource that can be used to teach about the immune system and its functions. The site talks about something called the Immune Platoon, a group of comic book type superheroes who are in reality, the different white blood cells that protect our bodies from infections. These are portrayed as the good guys while there are different types of microbes that are portrayed as the bad guys. I think that students will find the website visually appealing and very easy to navigate. The site also covers the topics of vaccines and the efforts of scientists at the Centre for Disease Control in the States to track diseases such as the West Nile Virus and SARS. The Centre for Disease Control which created this website is a very well reputed organization and therefore, the information in this resource can be considered to be accurate.

This video was produced by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, so the information in it can be trusted. It covers the different ways that germs can enter the human body as well as hand washing, which is the best defense against infections. It also provides a demonstration of how to properly wash your hands. This is a great video to demonstrate the improtance of hand washing in the prevention of diseases.

Outcome HB5.2 Investigate the structure, function, and major organs of one or more human body systems such as the digestive, excretory, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.
Magic School Bus episode about the digestive system:
Magic School Bus episode about the respiratory and circulatory systems:

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These videos are a fun way to introduce students to some of the body systems (digestive, circulatory and respiratory) and their functions. I have fond memories of growing up with the Magic School Bus and always ended up learning something from each episode. A great way to assess what students have learned from this episode is to provide a written quiz.The Magic School Bus episodes are proof that learning can indeed be fun!

How the Body Works by Kids' Health

This site is an amazing resource! It covers every body system that is mentioned in the above outcome. It allows students to choose the organ/body system that they want to know more about. Once they have made their choice, a screen with a number of different options pops up. Students can decide whether they want to watch an animated video about that particular system, read some fun articles about the system or take a quiz based on what they have just learned. Each system's page also has a printable sheet with a detailed diagram that can be labelled by the students. It's great that there is an assessment feature built into the website, with a quiz provided for every organ/system. Additionally, this site has great videos that teachers can use to introduce a particular organ/body sytem. The KidsHealth website was created by Nemours, which is one of the largest nonprofit organizations related to children's health. This is quite a reputable organization and so the information on this site can be trusted.
Body Machine Song (Digestive System) by School House Rock
Circulation Song by School House Rock
Skeletal System Song by School House Rock
Nervous System Song by School House Rock

These songs are an awesome way to introduce the body system that is being studied. The songs are incredibly catchy and present just the right amount of information. I'm sure your class will be humming these songs all day!

Outcome HB5.3 Assess how multiple human body systems function together to enable people to move, grow, and react to stimuli.
Magic School Bus episode about body mechanics

This episode focuses on how body systems (muscular and skeletal systems in particular) work together to help the body move and function. This is a great video to convey the message that the body's systems do not work in isolation, but that they are interdependent.
All about Puberty from KidsHealth by Nemours

This is a great article that discusses everything pre-teens want and need to know about puberty. It is written in kid friendly language and the material is easy to understand. Body changes in both boys and girls are discussed in adequate detail and include acne, menstruation and growth spurts. This article easily lends itself to being assigned as a homework reading, which can then be tested using a quiz or used as the background information for a reading comprehension assignment or group presentations.

YouTube video about collaboration of different organ systems

This video provides an animated explanation of how the different body systems work together to allow the body to function. It emphasizes the role of the brain as the master control center and explores the messages that are transmitted to and from the brain. In conclusion,this video offers a great overview of the holistic nature of the human body and its systems.