Outcome FM5.1 Analyze the effects of gravitational, magnetic, and mechanical forces, including friction, on the movement of objects.
Friction Song

This is a great song that introduces the concept of friction and is complemented by a number of cartoon pictures. It also covers the concept that some surfaces offer less friction than others and that certain substances such as oil can actually reduce the friction offered by a surface.
Friction:Friend or Foe?

This is a very well done video about the different kinds of friction that can be observed in our daily lives. It also looks at some surfaces that have high friction and others which have less friction. Additionally, it poses the question of whether friction is good or bad for us. The best part about the video? It was made by a couple of kids, so our students are sure to relate to it!
Bill Nye's Magnet Video

This is a great introductory video on magnets. BilL Nye, in his inimitable way, explains what magnets are made of and also elaborates on the different poles of a magnet. The video concludes with a Magnetic or Not? exercise in which kids based on what they observe, have to determine if an object is a magnet or not. This can very easily be continued in the classroom with a list of other materials that students can test for magnetic properties.

School House Rock Gravity video

This is an AWESOME video! I love the way School House Rock explains abstract concepts like gravity using music and common, everyday examples. It introduces gravity by saying that it is what makes things fall down instead of up. It also describes the earth's gravitational pull as being like a giant magnet inside the earth. It explains that without gravity none of us would stay anchored on the earth, but that we would all be floating in the air. It also describes the gravitational pull of both the earth and the moon. It concludes by saying that love really isn't the force that makes the world go 'round!

Outcome FM5.2 Investigate characteristics of simple machines, including levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, inclined planes, screws, and wedges, for moving and lifting loads.
Simple Machines video by Bill Nye the Science Guy

This video is a great way to introduce the concept of simple machines to the students. The ever entertaining Bill Nye explains that simple machines are well, simple and are found everywhere! He goes on to talk about how simple machines change the size and the direction of forces. He also discusses the concept of levers and fulcrums. A couple of kids show students how to experiment with simple machines at home. Overall, a very fun, educational video.

Inclined Plans YouTube video

This video about inclined planes also features an appearance by Bill Nye and he is great as always. Interspersed with this is a cartoon that explains how energy is used more efficiently when using an inclined plane to transport a barrel into the back of a truck than just lifting the barrel into the truck. It also mentions that the inclined plane is a simple machine that was used by the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids.

Wheel and Axle Brain Pop video ,Lever Brain Pop video,Pulley Brain Pop video,Inclined Plane Brain Pop video

These are great animated videos from Brain Pop which introduce different simple machines by using everyday examples such as doorknobs, seesaws etc. Tim and Moby are the two main characters and are sure to bring a smile to the students' faces with their antics.The videos are short enough to maintain children's attention, while containing sufficient content matter at the same time.

Outcome FM5.3 Assess how natural and man-made forces and simple machines affect individuals, society, and the environment.
MythBusters Rube Goldberg Machine video

external image Rubenvent.jpg
This video features a very well built Rube Goldberg machine which is a machine that functions in a very complex manner in order to accomplish a very simple action. Rube Goldberg Machines are created out of a number of simple machines and the machine in this video is a great example of this. The MythBusters are hilarious and are sure to capture the kids' attention!
Push It Up The Inclined Plane! Song


This is a great song about how the Egyptians used the inclined plane to build the pyramids. It's so catchy that your class will be singing it all day long!